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Social Ride – Developer Rights
Here’s Exactly How Social Ride – Developer Rights
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Use Social Ride as part of a service to sell to clients of your own, and keep the profits!
More targeted content curation that’s business focused!
More customization including more designs, widgets, multiple users and more….
An Unlimited Source Of Social Content 
AND More Ways To Profit From It
with specific content search, multiple users and more customization.
Find highly targeted content with Social Ride – Developer Rights to allow for specific business driven content. Run campaigns that bring content from specific users ONLY. Create multiple social walls for multiple clients with multiple users. Customize with more colour themes and add your own sticky widgets!
Pull Recurring Monthly Profits from businesses with Social Ride.
Make it EVEN EASIER  with “Developer Exclusive” Tools 
get even MORE RESULTS and have more FLEXABILITY with Social Ride – Developer Rights.
Developer Rights lets you use all the tools you have within Social Ride to provide the same set of benefits you experience from this tool, to ANY business you choose.

You’ve already seen how big businesses are benefitting from user generated content, now its your chance to present the same facts and benefits to other businesses. Sign them up, create Social Ride campaigns, charge appropriately and let Social Ride work for you.
Let Social Ride – Developer Rights bring in more business FOR YOU with these extra tools.
​​​​Make Your Social Ride YOUR OWN With More Customization
to give your visitors experiences that uniquely YOU
Our most discerning and demanding customers always need more tools and more customization, because that’s what brings them RESULTS. With Social Ride – Developer Rights you get MORE customization tools such as a selection of extra styling themes, infinite scroll compatibility, added masonry effects plus other features already mentioned above.
Stand out from the crowd with uniquely crafted, individual social walls that reflect YOU and YOUR brand.
Here’s A Breakdown Of Exactly What You’re Getting…
Developer Rights to Social Ride
Developer Rights means you can use Social Ride and the extra features in this upgrade as part of a service for businesses. This lets you find businesses that could benefit from User Generated Content and sell your services to them for profit!
Create Walls For Multiple Accounts And Users
The Developer Rights upgrade gives you the capability to serve as many clients as you can sign up. Create multiple social walls for clients, personalise campaigns with multiple walls and add additional users and social accounts to manage your content.
More Layout Options and Infinite Scroll
Add a further personalised touch by being able to select a further six different ways to display your content in masonry format. This allows for optimial display of content that can continue to display with “infinite scroll”
Individual Customization With Extra Styling Themes
A larger selection of styling themes gives you more tools to create unique feeds, walls and content for you and your clients. Developer Rights comes with more extra styling options for that extra individual touch.
User Targeted Content
Running a campaign for a specific business? Looking to only display targeted content from certain users or businesses? Developer Rights lets you isolate social accounts to pull content for. A fantastic solution for many corporate customers or brands requiring content that fits.
Any Future UPDATES
Or Releases Of Social Ride
There are constantly new updates and changes happening across Social Media. In the last few months alone they have rolled a number BIG updates over many of the social networks.

Purchase Social Ride – Developer Rights and you’ll receive any and all future updates that we add into this plug-in. As social platforms make changes or updates your copy of Social Ride will be kept up to date too.
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Social Ride - OTO1
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